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Windows 8… Disco Mullet

Windows 8 is pretty cool. It has some great features and a nice shiny touch interface. The Surface has some good design elements (the camera, the kickstand, the keyboard options). It is clearly a product designed with focus.

The issue with Windows 8 isn’t going to be with the Microsoft devices. They’ve followed the hardware-software model of Apple, so can control all aspects of the design.

The problem is going to come with all of the OEMs designers sitting around with other techie-geeks going, “Wouldn’t it be cool if it did this?!?”

This will result in some of the most inanely designed laptops, hybrid tables, and desktops that seemed like a great idea at the time.

In 18 months or so, we’ll wake up from the touchscreen party with a hanger and wonder, “What were we thinking?!?”

I am predicting we’ll call this time frame, “Disco Mullet” of the PC world because it won’t be just as bad as one, it is worse than both.

I will be reviewing various devices over the coming months and will share my findings as much as I am allowed.