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Dropbox in Space

Dropbox in Space

Great story… I am a fairly loyal Dropbox user. Okay, I have Skydrive, Box, iCloud, Google Drive/Docs, and a Synology Cloud drive… Reconsidering… I am a promiscuous Dropbox user.

The Dropbox Hack Week had some very cool projects and this was one of them.



Updated to webOS 3.0.4 77

Whoa! 3.0.4 *77*! It is the 77 that did it for me. That is totally geek-sexy. Not!

Compare: iOS5, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich (okay, that last one just doesn’t rattle my cage, I must say). Even “Mango” from Windows Phone has some ring to it.

Come on HP! Leave with a bang. Call it webOS 7. Better yet, call it webOS Seventy Seven. Or Agent 77.