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Mailchimp, my new BFF and I have the T-Shirt to prove it.

Mailchimp, my new BFF

I was sitting with Lisa at a local coffee shop. She was working on a new Newsletter (for her awesome business, GetConnected Communications) We were talking about how to get Mailchimp’s default templates customized… at first glance it doesn’t behave the way we thought it should… I decided, even though it was a holiday, to submit a ticket to the Mailchimpilicious Support team.

Amazingly, in a few minutes I get a response from Abby in Mailchimp Support Central… It says, you want to customize, we got your email template downloads right here.

Arms in the air, victory! It takes just a few minutes in Dreamweaver the make the changes.

Lisa says, “Abby is your new BFF.”

You can guess what I did now, I’m sure. I send a response, declaring Mailchimp Support my new BFF.

Abby responds saying what kind of BFF would she be if she didn’t send me a T-Shirt.

Schaweet! I’ve been secretly coveting a Mailchimp T-Shirt since they were announced. I exchange personals and logistics… then a few days later…

I have my very own Mailchimp T-Shirt. You can be jealous now.