Synology DS214+

I have been using Synology NAS for several years now. These are the most advanced and easiest to use storage systems on the market. I went through four others prior to finding Synology.

I know I am not typical in my home-office configuration (I run multiple physical servers, VMs, Windows 2012 domain, NFS, LDAP, Fedora, CentOS, OSX Server, etc. etc.). The Synology system I have integrates with all of them. With the Synology I am now adding new and retiring old systems that have served for years: Plex, iTunes server, Sonos music, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, all file shares, and more… with one system.

At the same time, I’ve run these in very demanding scenarios (non-profit organization with loads of volunteers) and it has been incredibly reliable and easy to use.

 There are simple 2-disk configurations, complex 12 disk rigs, and full-on rack mounted systems. There is enough to like for anyone.

Mailchimp UX

I love Mailchimp’s User Experience (UX)… Even Lisa said to me the other day that she is a fan and she’s a hard grader.

Check out the Mailchimp UX newsletter. It is worth it: